07 Nov. 2020
7 Books Every Woman in Therapy Must Read

1. The Gifts of Imperfection - Brene Brown

Brene Brown’s seminal work, and accompanying viral Ted Talks, ignited a revolution of accountability, vulnerability, and a reckoning of the inner critic. A pragmatic manifesto preaching “my story matters because I matter”, she made the concept of “wholehearted living” something attainable and real.

Tip: Make it interactive and start a group book study using the tools on her “The Gifts Hub

2. You Can Heal Your Life - Louise Hay

Published in 1984, “You Can Heal Your Life” sparked the self-help movement and the idea that you don’t have to accept self-loathing and pain. Louise Hay wrote this book, founded the publishing giant Hay House, and became one of the best selling female authors all after the age of 60 proving that it is never too late to heal! Though some of the science is dodgy, she popularized the idea that our psychology and emotions affects our health.

Tip: Get a mirror handy and go all in on the exercise Hays calls “Mirror work”. It may seem hokey at first, but it works!

3. Milk & Honey - Rupi Kaur

The goddess of “Insta poets”, Kaur leveraged social media to showcase the aethetic beauty of poetry. She eschewed the typical westernized prose to embrace the traditional punjab style and used direct language to personify the sexual abuse and recovery she eperienced. Breaking stereotypes paid off, with the masses of women starving for someone who represented their pain and love through her own pain and love. After “Milk & Honey” was published, poetry sales doubled worldwide.

Tip: Read the last section “The Healing” first, then sections one to three, as a study in post-traumatic growth.

4. Take Time For Your Life - Cheryl Richardson

A classic and practical guide for anyone by Oprah’s life coach. I recommend this book to everyone! This straightforward guide teaches how to set boundaries in all parts of life and gives real life practices you can do today for extreme self care!

Tip: Take your time with “Take Time For Your Life” and go in the order laid out in the book to benefit the most from the best $20 you will ever spend.

5. The Body Is Not An Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love - Sonya Renee Taylor

“There is a port way beyond the Isle of Self Acceptance and I want you to go there” You may have seen Sonya Renee Taylor’s body love revolution on Instagram where women of all forms, sizes, ages, and abilities celebrate their radical self love. Ms Taylor teaches women how to not be content with the notion of acceptance and to commit to radical self-love of mind, body & soul!

Tip: Listen to the audio book with the instagram profile handy, ready to make peace with your own body and challenge systems of oppression.

6. The Dance of Anger - Harriet Lerner

Are you a nice girl or a bitch? Neither, I’m angry. The second book on this list published in 1985, “The Dance of Anger” changed the way women embrace their emotional power. Harriet Lerner takes a no b.s. approach to change and includes an epilogue on the problems of “self help” style quick fixes. Harriet interplays the personal and political nature of women’s anger and teaches us to listen, learn, and lead in relationships.

Tip: This book is all about boundaries and listening to your wise self. Check out some of Lerner’s blog posts for more practical advice and then get her other books on intimacy, anxiety, apologizing, and more.

7. The Paper Bag Princess - Robert Munsch

The best book on boundaries in relationships I have ever read. That is all.

Tip: If you are a creative writer, go back to familiar stories from childhood, rewrite the story from a feminist perspective and create the message you wish you would have read as a kid OR create a story of yourself as the hero and rewrite history.

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